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This Smoothie Is Bananas

Active Fitness Healthy NANI Collection Recipe Smoothie

This recipe is seriously easy and scrumptious!  


You aren't required to cook anything... you will only need a smile, a blender and the following ingredients:


1 banana - It has potassium, which is great for cramps prevention.

Peanut butter or Peanut butter powder- It's tasty and it's a great source of protein.


Greek yogurt or Vegan yogurt - 2 table spoons - It is low in calories and it's another awesome source of protein or calcium.


Frozen mixed berries- Just a small handful!  These babies are antioxidants, will give you sky high energy levels and give your smoothie a pretty pink hue.


And finally, Spinach - Be generous in adding this ingredient.  It's low in fat and cholesterol and loaded with vitamins! 


Add ice and water to dilute if you wish and protein powder if you want it to count as a meal rather than just an "in-between meal" smoothie!


You'll feel great and you can drink it anywhere, anytime.  I like to drink mine by the pool!  Cheers dawlin's!


The Blue Olive

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